In December of 2017, our love for cryptocurrency combined with astronomy drove us to create Crypto Star Registry (CSR). We are blockchain experts, game developers, graphic designers and astronomers. CSR is the world’s first hybrid of rare digital art and cosmic assets in the crypto game market. We are enabling access to scarce and highly-desired celestial assets in the cosmos via the blockchain. We utilize scarcity in naming conventions and digital ownership seeking to drive value for our collectors.

The (ETH)-based market enables users to buy, sell, collect, and own rare cosmic assets and their rare artwork as Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. There are roughly 300 hand selected cosmic assets with one-of-a-kind artwork to be released (sun, planets, constellations, moons, nebulas, galaxies, etc.) and roughly 150,000 unnamed stars, which can be named by the collector, that share star images.

Cosmic assets are non-fungible and built on ERC #721. Our contract framework establishes cosmic asset ownership and decentralized rare artwork ownership.

To participate in this cosmic market and own a part of the cosmos, collectors must utilize MetaMask. Buy, sell and steal cosmic assets to build an extensive asset library. If other collectors want a part of space you own,they can double what you paid for it and claim it for themselves!

We aim to make this a collaborative experience, so if you have ideas for how we can make the platform better, send us an email at

The stars are the jewels of the night, and perchance surpass anything which day has to show.

Henry David Thoreau

FreeSparrow Holdings in partnership with White Tower Software LLC launched the alpha of Crypto Star Registry.